Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jordana Matte Lipsticks

I was actually heading to the supermarket when I decided to stop into the pharmacy and check out the cosmetics section. I like to look around and check out new products every now and again. I had purchased two Jordana Lipsticks in that pharmacy before the orange (which I wore all spring and all summer) and the red matte lipstick (which I have been wearing all fall and plan to wear all winter).

This time I got two matte lipsticks from Jordana; blushed and pink showstopper.

  • blushed is like a soft rosey pink, very muted but very nice, it is my favorite of the two.
  • pink showstopper is a blue-ish toned pink so I do not know how it will wear on me.


I am looking forward to wearing them, the blushed especially. I believe that the pink showstopper will look good with full face makeup. I will post more pictures and swatches once I do a review.
So I walk into this wholesale candidly making purchases for my son; you know the usual diapers, wipes, desitin and there they were an assortment of Jordana lipsticks among them were a few matte shades a couple of which I already had safe and except for two. There was a very light powder pink, almost baby pink color and a colour that appeared blood orange. I opted for that one of course and I tried it on the moment I got home. Sorry there are no swatches but I will do some when I do an actual review.

I must admit I am always in the hunt for a nice orange shade in a lipstick because I think it is super flattering on my lips and lends well to my skin-tone. This one cost me only 195JMD so let's see if it's worth it. I got a little carried away with the picture taking-but it is such a gorgeous colour. The shade I got is called Tangerine Tango and it reminds me a ton of Milani's Mango Mambo only it is more orange than it is coral

What beauty purchase did you make this week?

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