Monday, December 3, 2012

Jordana Forever Flawless Pressed Powder 107 Honey Amber and 109 Warm Cocoa - Review

This little item has been my staple product for a very long time, maybe because I was comfortable using it. I never saw the need for venturing out of that comfort zone to try the other powders that sat dusty in my makeup collection. I may not like the bulky packaging and I do wish it was a bit more sturdy but I have never had a problem with the formula.

Left: honey amber, Right: warm cocoa

These I reckon are fashioned to be low cost alternatives to the Milani comparatives which I find a bit more silky soft on the skin (two brands of the same company folks).
The old formula (I bought in 2010 when I was getting married) the newer formula I bought more recently (a couple months ago).

The old formula is a lot more powdery to the touch, but the newer formulation reminds me of Milani's pressed powders at a fraction of the cost.


No Flash

The new formula is silky to the touch (or maybe it's satin, either way it feels a whole lot better and a lot less drying when coupled with foundation.)

Old one from 2010

I hit pan, after two years (tragic, I know) but it's my big achievement especially since I do not use a lot of makeup (or use makeup very often).

Old one from 2010

In spite of it's fragile packaging which near shattered after one fall I do like this powder. It is affordable and it is wearable. It bears absolutely no comparison to the more illustrious brands but in it's class with it's own kind it is a winner. I can mark it up to be a bit chalky (or maybe that's just the fillers), but it has enough pigment and provides some coverage and is even better when applied lightly over foundation with a large powder brush. I cannot remark it as the best I have ever used but it is comfortable for me.

Update 03.04.2015

The packaging hasn't changed but the formula is certainly a lot softer and smoother. It is also more pigmented. The pictures above of warm cocoa (darker more red orange undertone) and honey amber (lighter more yellow orange undertone) are the only two I carry in my makeup artist kit presently just because I felt little need to pick up the other shades.

The honey amber is a bit darker than I remember.

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