Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation Heavenly Honey and Carob

I like my foundation flawless yet with a natural appeal and I never thought I would discover anything that would give me the coverage but make application effortless and seamless, but I think this is it. I bought these two shades in September the lighter shade to highlight (under my eyes, brows along the bridge of my nose) and the deeper shade to use as my actual foundation.

It is obviously no secret that I love this little jar of miracle. I have used foundations that were good and the formulas great but they did absolutely nothing for my skin. Now for the first time I use a foundation and actually feel astounded by the results.

The packaging is perfect; small, efficient, and fits effortlessly into your clutch, pocket or cosmetic bag. What makes it even better is that it holds a little over 11 grams of product versus a bulky Milani compact that holds more than 3 grams less product.

It fits me, it actually fits me, the shades presented here are heavenly honey and carob, I use heavenly honey which is a beige-brown as my highlight shade and I use carob as my actual foundation. When I wear this it does not appear that I am wearing anything and yet my face looks flawless. I often wear it by itself but most times I layer it with powder.

I have had this for over three months and I have barely made a dent because a little really does go a long way. The best part is you can apply it with a brush, a puff, a sponge and the finish will still look beautiful and natural. I suggest you use a flat top brush or dampened cosmetic wedge for an even more flawless finish. You do not need a lot of powder with this foundation so apply powder with a light hand or simply use a translucent powder.

It does not oxidize as other Black Opal foundations are known to do (or maybe it didn't on me because I was mostly in an AC environment or because I used milk of magnesia underneath).

I believe it is ideal for me: the shade is on point, it wears well in hot tropical climates, it stays flawless for up to 18 hours, it is very pigmented; a rich yet super lightweight formula, and gives a totally seamless coverage. It's a concealer and a foundation in one!

It does grease up rather quickly (this can be helped by layering on Philips Milk of Magnesia after you apply your moisturizer).


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    1. Oxidize means to convert, to change or to rust, it also is taken to mean the change of something once exposed to or combined with oxygen, it also means in this particular context to loose freshness after prolonged exposure to air and to darken in colour.