Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So You Want To Be A Youtube Beauty Guru?

I have been watching beauty related videos for over three years. I have subscribed to more than 200 beauty YouTube channels and most of them are very popular. It is usually the viewers who decide their status and how relevant these person and the videos they make are. I'll tell you why:

Videos depend largely upon viewership and participation. It really does not matter whether or not these video makers have a lot of subscribers since that is due largely to the relationship between the person in front the camera and the person watching.

Content creators more than anything else need to have that viewer ratio that sets them apart from the rest, and it is the same way with blogging. You have to design your content for your target market. It sounds like sales but in a sense that is what it really is.

If you want to create a YouTube channel or even a beauty blog I would say go right ahead there is nothing to stop you from getting ahead but there is one thing you must consider before setting out for the title of Guru and that is to love what you do, to hold a sincere passion for what you are filming about and what you are writing about because your viewers will sense your sincerity or lack thereof.

It does not matter whether you are a beauty blogger or vlogger you want people to view your content and participate on the platforms provided. Feedback is important, and this may be given in the form of likes, comments or shares.

Above and beyond all this you have to keep your content relevant and stay true to yourself. You must be creative and original, people do not like photocopies!

Ask for subscriptions and point out the benefits of subscribing to your channel or blog. Remember that most people only skim through they very rarely sit to read a lengthy blog post or watch a video more than 10 minutes long, which brings me to another point if you are a beauty blogger refreign from long epistle like posts, and if you are a beauty vlogger refreign from uploading documentaries and sitcom like videos. People will only watch you for that long if they really like you or if you bring something else to the table (eg. if your funny or simple crack them up with your sarcasm).

Share your work on your social sites, that will help with viewership since traffic is one of the most important things to a blogger or vlogger. It's hard to get the right traffic to your site with a conundrum of bloggers and vloggers out there and that is why networking is so important.

It may help if you do guest post for other bloggers in your category or invite other bloggers to do guest posts.
If you are new to you tube it may help if you find others like you and join forces to make your presence felt within that particular community. You can do collabs or simply do subs for subs. Just remember if you do not subscribe to other people do not expect others to subscribe to you-it's just a rule of thumb.

Quality of picture, posts and videos is very very important. People do not like looking at a blurry mass of what may be, but doesn't quite look like. They want to clearly see colours, actions and expressions so it is of utmost importance to invest in a good quality camera. The whole point of vlogging is to show, illustrate and convey with as little words as possible. Blogging on the other hand relies on your ability to effectively describe, and help your reader to see or imagine what you are saying even with the support of photographs.

I hope this helps someone. I am just speaking from experience, before my account was hacked and deleted I maintained a blog and a YouTube channel that thrived well inspite of my limited resources. I learnt also that it will take time for you to grow and establish a fan base, but it can be done. And remember to always think outside the box.


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    1. thank you, everyone should know how they can maximize the potential of their blog and channel.

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