Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY | Orange Concealer

Colour correcter (s) are made to cancel out problems in the skin such as redness, dullness, darkness and paleness.

Green balances out redness in the skin due to acne, rosacea etc.
Orange conceals dark circles and neutralizes blue and green tones in the skin eg. veins.
Yellow conceals dark circles as well as bruises and scars.
Purple cancels out yellow tones that may occur from certain illnesses eg. jaundice.
Pale Pink brightens the skin and neutralizes dullness as well as grey undertones.


Dark circles can be a pain and not just for women of colour and that is why it becomes necessary to have a peach or orange concealer handy. M.A.C. has one, NYX has one, I'm sure Bobbie Brown has one and I hear there is none comparable to the Eve Pearl Salmon concealer. Cheers to you for you shall have one too.

What you'll need:

a mixing palette or a plate from your kitchen

a makeup spatula or a teaspoon from your kitchen

beige foundation

or white foundation

matte orange eyeshadow or blush

matte peach eyeshadow or blush

for a richer deeper pigment use a more pigmented matte blush or eyeshadow

1. Mix a small amount at a time so as to ensure that you do not ruin the colour or consistency.
2. Use 2-3 drops of your beige or white foundation/concealer.
3. Add about 1/3 to 1/4 teaspoon of your eyeshadow or blush.
4. Mix thoroughly and make sure the mixture is lump free and smooth.
5. If you want your orange concealer to be thick like a cream use a cream foundation and that will give you the consistency you desire.

Your finished product should look like either of these:

I did mine a couple weeks ago and I am so pissed that I did not get to record any of it but I sure hope this helps someone and if it did please share. Remember to follow my blog using GFC for more posts like this one and a whole lot more. 
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  1. This is so cool. I have to try it, all I need is a white foundation. Thanks for sharing!


    1. please let me know how it turns out, would love to see it :)

  2. Thats pretty interesting. Love learning new things.