Monday, March 18, 2013

Jordana Matte Lipstick Pink Showstopper - Review

I know I'm cheap and you all know I am cheap so when I bought this for a little more than $200 Jamaican I felt a slight cringe in my heart and yet I bought more than one shade and I keep going back.

It is pink and it is matte. It comes off more like a barbie pink with a hushed purple undertone. It has a slight smell, but it is nothing too over powering in fact you won't smell it if you don't push your nose in it! It is a lovely colour really but sadly not one that my skin will benefit from since it makes me look ill.

It does not apply evenly and much of the colour seems to settle into lip lines-so you better exfoliate them lips if you plan to wear it! It does not wear so well by itself  and the overall look would benefit from adding a gloss on top. I think it is quite possible that the formula is just much too dry even though for all intents and purposes it is designed to be matte.

It moves and it fades and without a lip liner you could quite possible resemble a creature from the undead-zombie mummy!

The packaging is pretty mainstream, nothing fancy or special. It is your basic lipstick tube that you can see through. It is gold with black writing to differentiate it from the other Jordana lipsticks.

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If you have lighter skin you might pull it off quite easily or even with the help of a lip liner. If you have dark skin and you want to wear it without a gloss try concealing your lips first and using a lip liner. It is a beautiful colour just not very flattering on me I suppose.


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