Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be Inspired! Tips To Help You Become A Successful Beauty Blogger

I pride myself in being brutally honest but my honestly should not tear people down. I grew up with the understanding that out of many we are one.

What inspires you to blog and/or vlog?

I started blogging because whenever I searched for reviews on products I was interested in buying there was never a decent review with decent swatch. I came across informative forums but they all seemed to fall short so my intention was to supplement that. I did not want to tell how bad a product was or bash any brand unless it was truly deserving. I wanted to come from a neutral stand point and tell consumers how a product could work for them if they has bought it and did not like it. I want to foster a certain awareness and help people to spend their money wisely. My blog is more than just beauty on a budget but it is about buying what you know you'll love and use. I have learnt to identify different products that have multiple purposes and use them accordingly.

Share some of your favorite blogs to read for inspiration? 

To be quite honest I do not read other blogs for inspiration. I read other blogs for information. I also love the literary dynamic of reading other blogs.

Share some of your favorite YouTube channels to watch for inspiration?

I do not watch other YouTube channels for inspiration because quite frankly a lot of them are very trite and have nasty attitudes. The YouTube content creators that I am subscribed to or watch on a regular basis are those that are either extremely talented, have good content, are very entertaining to watch or have amazing personality and humility.

What are your favorite magazines to browse for inspiration?

I am more of a nature person rather than a magazine fan. I love looking at still life and abstract art, the moon, the sunset, the horizon and sometimes the very products I use :)

How do you organize your inspiration? Pinterest board, notebook, sketchpad, etc.?

See for yourself - link

What motivates you to continue blogging and/or vlogging?

Honestly my love of writing-my blog is not popular at all and I do not get very many readers so it's hard to get into the frame of mind to blog at times but I am very appreciative of the few who do read my blog so I do it for them too.

How would you describe your style of blogging and/or vlogging, how has it changed from when you first started?

When I first started I was more driven and I had more passion, but that hasn't changed my writing style I try to be very detailed and descriptive-some may even consider me prescriptive.

How do you handle competitive thoughts with other bloggers/vloggers?

I don't that is what blogging is-different ideas, different view points, different presentations of the same thing...we are afterall a international diaspora, and every blogger and vlogger would do well to accept that!

For fun, share some of your favorite inspiring photos:


  1. I love this post and it resonates so much with me. You have a new follower. :)

    1. thanks much hun, you didn't leave a link for me to check out