Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powders - Review

I imagine this is long awaited and I have come to deliver. I have all the shades neutral light, medium, dark (my shade) and deep (perfect as a transition shade for when applying eyeshadow or when bronzing the skin) to orange-red to be anyone's skin tone.

the specs:
-each container holds 1 oz. of product
-pretty basic packaging with a sifter that dispenses the product
-oil eliminating
-mattifying formula

neutral light, medium, dark, deep

These powders pretty much do what they claim and then some. I love the versatility and the fact that they are  not too pigmented but pigmented enough to balance out your foundation. They can easily come off as translucent since the colour payoff is not that great but do not be mistaken they do carry some pigment so you want to get the right shade for your actual skin tone.

neutral light - is practically a beige brown
medium - is a tan shade with a more yellow undertone
dark - is a dark brown with an orange undertone
deep - is a very rich shade with a red undertone

I use medium to set my concealer and highlight and dark to set the rest of my face. I often times use deep as a light contour or blush but to be quite honest I seldom reach for neutral light. I love the glow that they give to the skin and the way they seem to even out my skin tone when I apply them over foundation and that is largely due to the fact that they have light reflective particles in them that appear to be a bit of a shimmer but once applied appears to give more of a dewy healthy glow to the skin-yet it keeps the foundation matte (even if for a very short time).
It is ok to touch up with these since they are practically translucent and will not add too much colour to the skin. It is best to apply with a powder brush to avoid heavy application and a "cakey" foundation look.

neutral light, medium, dark, deep

I much prefer these to my usual pressed powders from Milani especially when I do not want to add any more colour to my face than that which my foundation gives. Black Opal deluxe finishing powders give a nice sheer tint to the skin but you can build the colour on top of foundation. The best part is they are light weight and extremely smooth on the skin.

neutral light, medium, dark, deep
I use deep as a transition shade on my lids and neutral light comes in handy if you apply just the right amounts to areas of the face you wish to highlight.

with flash

no flash

As you can see by the swatches the colours are so soft they do not show up on the skin as easily as they do in the pan. I love the fact that they are not ashy, or powdery and I can lightly dust either shade all over my skin without distorting my complexion or my foundation.

Now for the interesting part-if you like skin finishes (which is what these are in a sense) but you cannot afford mac msf I gather these are worthy dupes. The mac msf has more colour payoff when swatched but serve much the same purpose that the Black Opal deluxe finishing powders do.

In my estimation mac msf - dark = black opal dfp - dark and mac msf - deep dark = black opal dfp - deep. My estimations are based largely on the swatches and how they look in the pan since I have never used the mac msfs before.

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