Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Milani Powder Mosaics - #01 Sweet Cheeks - Review

If you are into pinks, you'll want to get your hands on this. I'm going to go ahead and call this a vintage classic since I do not know when it came out or old is it I'm going to also suggest it's an old favorite. Finally because I like it I am going to presumptuously state that there is a worldwide mass of ladies who love it too.

It comes in a compact and there is really nothing special about it but I quite like the packaging since all I have to do is flip the lid. It stores easily and isn't terribly bulky. There is nothing fussy about it but you do get 0.317 oz. of product which equal to about 9 grams-which I think is pretty good considering the price and I mean seriously how often do you wear blush anyway...and pink blush at that, so it'll serve you long!

I have dubbed it a blusher and an illuminating powder since Milani has given no real title or attached no real significance to the product-you can thank me later Milani ;). You may or may not be able to see it in the pictures but it has subtle gold deposits that illuminates the face, but I am sure if you are an adventurous sort like me you will take the lighter shades on your brow bones, cheek bones, nose bridge and cupid's bow-you have no idea how much I fought the urge to say nose bone and cupid's idea. The gold deposits come off almost like a subtle shimmer but is more reflective and opalescent / pearlescent than shimmery which is why it will wear well on dark skin tones just as well as it would on my light skinned glamourai's.

The compact carries four shades of pink: a rose pink which is in the center of the pan and is my absolute favorite, a mauve pink on opposite sides (which may look purple in some lighting), the baby pink which is my second favorite, and lastly but totally not least the pale pink which is perfect to get your highlight on babee!

Can you tell how excited I am about this product and I only bought it because I wanted a blusher and it was the only one available to me that I thought was even remotely interesting.

I did not want to swatch the shades separately because I thought that that would defeat the entire purpose of the review especially since some of the shades do not show up readily on my skin when swatched. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Milani intended this to be a multi-functional pressed powder and to that I would say rock on Milani because it totally is!
You can use the shades as eyeshadows, there is that pale pink shade that can be used to highlight or applied as an all over glow, and you can swirl your blush brush in it to pick up just enough of that very pigmented rose pink shade to add colour to your cheeks which also looks great on deeper skin tones. If you are brave enough you can use the shade in the center of the pan as a contour and as a lid colour.

I want to say the powder is silky smooth and satin soft and blends extremely well!
I think the product has been discontinued but I am sure you can purchase it online.

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