Thursday, May 2, 2013

Black Opal Colour Fusion Mosaic Powder - Pressed Powder - Review

I picked this up at my local drug store almost a month a go and I have been using it ever since it is my go to bronzer and I love it for contour. It can be used a s a face powder in fact I think that was it's intended purpose but it is a wee bit dark for my skin even though in summer months it may be my perfect match.

The packaging does not sit well with me-you have to screw off the cover! You get a good amount of product though: 0.40 oz which is equal to about 11.2 g and I paid about $1250JM for it so I'm pleased. It is hypoallergenic and black opal describes it as a multi-toned mosaic powder for the face. It claims to set makeup and control shine with high pigment levels that ensure a long lasting application, without appearing ashy. It also claims to contain vitamins to condition and protect the skin and oil blotters to control shine.

I use this strictly as a contour powder and it works well for that. It comes off as a light contour but it is definately build-able and it also blends well into the skin. I swirl all the shades together on a regular basis but when my skin is tanned I try to pick up only the darker shades on my brush. It often appears to be a plum/mauve shade (that may be due to the lighting) but it is a neutral toned brown.

no flash
indoors - no flash

It is multi-functional because you can use it as an eyeshadow palette and since all the shades are matte it works well for an everyday makeup look. You can swirl your brush in it an apply all over your face with or without foundation. You can even set your under eye concealer with the lightest shades.

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  1. Nice makeover vanya....wana ask a quetion about d fusion powder...I wana knw if the darker shade can b used for eyebrow filling...if no...which brown matte eyeshadow can I use for fillin d brow...awaiting ur rply..thanks..