Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Black Opal Flawless Concealer Stick Mahogany - Review

Concealer can be a girl's bestfriend and it is a trivial task to find the perfect one and with this one I did believe that I was on to something and perhaps I am but it's not quite ideal even if it does not crease in mediate it still creases after a while when applied under the eyes.

I love it because it is my perfect match and I am a big fan of the packaging even if all I get is a tincy wincy amount of product but you can't argue that when you factor in the cost which was a mere $550JM...ah who am I kidding I am the cheapest chic in the world so I feel that that is expensive.

The quality is second to none since it is thick and creamy. It is highly pigmented and certainly more pigmented than its black opal creme stick foundation counterpart!

It gets oily after a few hours of wear but that is nothing a little translucent powder cant cure-the best part is it tends to seem more dewy than greasy so shhh no one has to know you need a touch up!

I like to use it alone as well as with my foundation if I need the extra coverage, so it is totally capable as a stand alone entity you just need to dust on a little powder to keep it from moving. It wears longer with setting powder and guess what you can use your finger to smooth it if it starts to crease or settle into fine lines.

I plan on repurchasing because I think it is the perfect product to keep handy in my makeup bag...after all you only need your fingers to apply it! You can use it all over because it's full coverage and it will give a flawless finish.

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