Friday, June 14, 2013

Klean Color "Eyeliner Precision" Liquid Liner - Review

I'm just going to cut to the chase with this one.

This is a good liquid liner, the formula is very pigmented but it does not wear really well. I do not like the applicator, I would prefer a brush in comparison to a felt tip applicator but tough because that is what you get with this product a felt tip applicator that is not perfectly tailored to give that sharp wing or pristine line but it works fine if you know what you are doing or have a really steady hand...then again you can always make a mess and clean up with a qutip after. I mean that seems to work for most.

I don't like the packaging either because I think it's bulky though it is very sturdy and does not come off as cheap. It is not waterproof either so that's another thing I hate since it does claim to be waterproof, despite that however it does hold up pretty good and wears longer than most eyeliners I have tried (if you don't sweat or cry or get wind in your eyes). It dries quickly and it is not build-able because it flakes if you try to go over it and that is due to the felt tip applicator. I think it would be easier to build if it had a brush tip applicator-but that's just my opinion.

It only cost me $300 so it's not bad for the price. I will not be repurchasing unless they change the applicator  (and the formula) or make the cut a bit more pointed.

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