Wednesday, September 25, 2013

D.I.Y Brown Sugar Body Polish + Lip and Body Scrub

Sugar is affordable and the darker the sugar the better it is for you health wise but did you know that sugar comes packing properties that are beneficial when applied topically to the skin!? Yeah me neither I found this out a couple months ago and wen t on a rabid research rage trying to confirm and debunk the theories but I only ended up formulating a theory of my own.

To make this sweet and savory skin care product you will need

  • an empty container with an air tight lid to store it in
  • a carrier oil (you can use any oil you want castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil) 
  • you can even add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils (grape seed oil, almond oil, peppermint oil, rosemary and you get the picture)
  • raw brown sugar (it does not matter if the grains are large or small)

Now simple put the sugar in the container and pour oil over it until the sugar is completely covered with the oil. I used baby oil because it is what I had on hand and it does the job just the same so I did not feel the need to purchase any oil particularly for this purpose. The sugar will not dissolve because sugar cannot be dissolved in oil neither can salt so you can totally make a sea salt scrub/body polish.

Theory: The sugar will exfoliate and remove the old skin and dead skin cells and other impurities that may be clogging pores. It will brighten the skin for a refreshed youthful glow and trust me it's not just the oil that does that but the exfoliating action of the sugar. Brown sugar is an all natural ingredient that may already have moisture present so it will not irritate your skin (some brown sugars are rather dry and coarse so you may want to reserve for use on the body). The process of exfoliation will prepare your skin for moisturizer which in essence helps to keep the skin look supple thought I would stress the value and importance of healthy eating in that regard.

Conclusion: Skin that is regularly exfoliated is healthier skin, both in appearance and function. Cleansed of dead skin, the largest organ can circulate more efficiently, breathing in good nourishment and expelling toxins. It also glows, is more uniform in appearance with tighter pores, and is soft to the touch.

Exfoliating with a sugar scrub doesn't relax the muscles, the way salt does, but it relaxes the mind with its delicious smell. Sugar is also full of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and is usually a key ingredient in pricey products. The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protect it from toxins, repairs sun damage and effectively fight against aging skin.

Sugar works well to cleanse completely, so it can not only reduce any current body acne you may have, it can also help prevent further breakouts. Sugar moisturizes on its own, but sugar scrub recipes require oil or honey to help form a paste, it provides even further moisture and allows your skin to achieve more of its natural balance.

If you have dry scalp or a dandruff problem use the brown sugar scrub on your hair and scalp as pre-conditioning treatment!

I added chamomile and peppermint herbs to the brown sugar body polish above. I used it one Sunday night and so did my husband who came out raving about it requesting his own jar or the super scrub. I recommend you use it after you shower whilst the skin is still wet. Apply and massage in circular motions and then rinse-you will be amazed at the result.

It is autumn in most country so feel free to experiment by adding spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to your scrub/polish.


  1. amazing! I love trying new diy ideas , thanks for sharing xx

    1. you're welcome and thanks for reading :)