Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santee Colourfix Corrective Concealer Palette - Review

I bought this at a wholesale. The retail price for this is $240 JM.

To be completely honest I got it solely for the orange shade because I have dark under eye circles and hyper-pigmentation. I had my doubts about how it would perform but it seemed pigmented enough due to it's appearance in the packaging and I thought "what the heck, it's just 200 dollars.

I must say that when I finally got a chance to try it I was very impressed by the pigmentation.The product came with an ever so tiny brush for which to use to apply the corrector but I generally do not have patience for such tiny brushes unless they are eyeliner brushes.

Here's a run down of the shades:

green/mint neutralizes redness
lilac/lavender brightens and lightens dull ashy complexion
orange/apricot covers dark circles, spots and scars

The product does insinuate that it helps to erase spots and scars and I did notice a slight change in the look of my skin after I removed my makeup. This however can be attributed to the Vitamin E that the product contains.

I do like this product and must admit that it covers well and is not greasy. The shades are very pigmented and creamy and does require diligent effort to blend out...but it's all in aim of achieving a flawless finish. A little goes quite a long way and I do wish santee would derive a single pot of the apricot shade as I find that I personally do not require the perusal of the mint green or lavender too often.

What corrective concealer product do you use and recommend?

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