Thursday, February 5, 2015

Santee Pandora Box Eyeshadow Palettes Review

I have all three palettes...I don't know that there is any more. I am not even quite sure as to how I ended up with all three since some of the colours betwixt the three are very close shades that I could definately live without. It does depend largely on who you are and what colours you go for because you certainly don't need all three.

The price point is favorable...I mean 360JMD is not bad considering the number of eyeshadows or the quality and pigmentation. Don't get me wrong I'm cheap and $360 could get me a tin of cereal for my eight month old so I would never pretend that $360 is "nothing" to spend on makeup. That aside I bought all three at a wholesale in Clock Tower Plaza.

Now here's what you came here for...if you want to see swatches watch the video - link

The palettes comes with a almost shimmery but more satin black and a all matte white. The black is crazy pigmented and is satin soft. The white is white!

top to bottom: no.1, no.2, no.3

The above photo was taken without flash to avoid washing out the colours. You can see by the lay out of the above image that you really don't need to get all three palettes even thought the colours don't duplicate there are some similar shades in all three palettes. The palettes don't have names, just numbers.



The shades are very nicely pigmented. There are colours that do overlap or have a striking resemblance to each other but they do vary in some slight way which means that they are either lighter or darker than the other.
The texture of these shadows are not bad for the price. I did not do a skin swatch because it would do these shadows no justice. You do need to apply a base to get the full effect of the pigment and you may want to do your eyes first because you will have some fall out from these shadows.

The eyeshadows do carry a very strong fragrance so if you don't like fragrant makeup products you might want to avoid this all together. I cant even understand why a company would need to add fragrance to eyeshadows!

Overall these are very nice palettes for the price. I find myself wishing they had some structure and though it's great they added a black and a white I wish they didn't add them to every palette, I mean how often do you use white eyeshadow?!

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