Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blue Mountain Music Festival 2015

I had never been to the blue mountains so of course I jumped on the opportunity to go. I would have loved to be at the event on both days but I chose the day that was most attractive and workable for my busy mum schedule.

Craigy T talking to my infant...yes I took my baby whut?!

The festival is held in February and 2015 is it's second staging. It is a two day festival and this year it was held on Saturday February 21st and Sunday February 22nd at Holywell. The start time eludes me but I know the show time was 4pm on both days. As far as I know it is put on or promoted by Craig Thompson and other T.O.K members.

Now to the entertainment...

Ryan Mark, still as humble as I remember when I first met him.

The festival features an impressive line up of artist, some of which I was introduced to for the first time and some of which I am very familiar with. I missed out on T.O.K's performance on Saturday which I hear got off to a late start due to freezing climate issues.

If Saturday was freezing, Sunday we were least I was. Don't get me wrong I was hella cold at first but as soon as my body adjusted I was okay...didn't even need a sweater and you should see what I was wearing.

I was vybing and jamming and even met a few artist and took full advantage of my photo opportunities. The set was truly a spectacle as the night fell giving us a view of night lights and city lights and the beautiful mist of the night sky. The band changes were moments of dancing and singing...with the music dating back to old legends and new.

Tarrus Riley, a sweetheart, my culcha chocolate *wink*

Overall my experience on Sunday at the Blue Mountain Music Festival was cool and I am definately going back next year. The water was freezing and the cold winds kissed my neck with seemingly ravishing lips but the music seduced me, caressed me and loved me in ways I dare not speak...I was satisfied and pleasantly teased so hopefully next year I get to come *wink* ...haha!

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