Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lucea Women's 24 Spiral Steel Boned Satin Underbust Waist Training Brocade Corset Review

Here are the specs on this corset (is on sale on for $23):
22 spiral steel bones
2 steel busks with 5 busk pins
18 steel grommets - 9 on each side
2 layers of fabric
no waist tape
5" modesty panel

The design and finish is very nice for the price $23 US with an additional $5-6 for shipping.

If you are a newbie at waist training or tight lacing this would be a bad corset to start with, it isn't very comfortable.  If you are a seasoned corsettiere or looking for a more defined silhouette then this is not the corset for you because it is straight and almost barrel like. If you already have a good figure and are slim / medium built then it will look geat as it will adjust to your curves. Women with additional cushion round the mid section will end up looking rounded even though it does give adequate reduction.

This is not for every day wear and will hurt your back since the bones that sandwich the grommets are spiral steel.

It does not have or give a very flattering shape or silhouette. It is very straight and almost barrel like, which was very very disappointing for me. This particular corset is designed for a shorter torso so if you are my height or taller don't waist your money. I am 5 ft. 9 in. for reference.

The grommets are installed very well and their are no imperfections in the finish. It has a modesty panel at the back but none in the front. The laces are pre-tied the way a typical corset lacing should or would be. The laces are your traditional black lacing with a spiral steel bone on either side of the grommets so the grommets are sandwiched in between the bones, this however is not good for the corset as the tension will force the spiral steel to bend, there should instead be flat steel bones sandwiching the grommets where the lacing is.

The corset itself is quite sturdy and doesn't buckle too much under pressure though it does rouche a little in the mid-section which could be helped with the presence of a waist tape.

The spiral steel bones are also too short for the boning channels which causes it to fold quite a bit along the edges.

I purchased this in a size 2XL and I have a 42" waist. This corset was not right for my body and so I gave it to a friend of mine who has a shorter torso and it fit her very well and is much more flattering to her figure.

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