Friday, March 20, 2015

Lucea Women's Long Line Cotton 26 Steel Double Boned Overbust Long Torso Corset REVIEW

This corset retails for a hundred dollars, but you can get it on sale at for $28. I was sent this particular corset to try out and review.

The corset I have here is a size 2X and I'm a big girl (all bass, no trebble).
My original waist size is 42" now I have no clue what my waist measures now (two and a half weeks later). I also have no clue what my waist measures when corseted.
I am 5 ft. 9 in. tall so I gravitate to long line corsets. I also prefer a more curvy silhouette than a simple straight structure.

Day one seaoning.

I do strength excersizes to target core muscles and I have diluted my eating habits quite a bit. I do not wear my corset for severely long periods and I do not intend to. I am committed to lacing down from 10 to 15 hours once my corset has been fully seasoned.

One week later. 

Ok on to what we came here for...

two layers of fabric
100% cotton lining
26 steel bones - two bones that make the busk (with eight busk pins), four that sandwich the grommets (two on each side).
5" modesty pannel
waist tape
typical black shoe laces

This corset fits really well despite the fact that it is a tid bit too long for my torso because when I sit it digs into my thighs making me a little uncomfortable.

The bones are sewn into boning channels of the outer layer of fabric which I don't think is a good idea since it is not stitched down to the inner layer.

The waist tape is stitched onto the inner layer which is a thinner fabric that appears to have bones but the channels are empty and this fabric moves around a bit freely against the outter strength fabric.
The waist tape starts about an inch to an inch and a half from the busk and goes all the way to the back where the bones sandwich the grommets. This I believe defeats the entire purpose of the waist tape.

Fully Seasoned. Two weeks later. Doing the bust test.

It has two laces installed at the back, one to the top and one to the bottom. The laces are cheap but they are sturdy and get the job done. I don't know if they will endure for years but they can certainly hold up for months with proper care.

The corset is very well made and the design is not bad and very functional to say the least. There are no detectable defects in the corset and it still looks very good despite the dirty appearance it takes after a while. They say it has three layers of fabric but I only feel two layers. It also has a modesty panel at the front (the size of which eludes me).

The silhouette is nice even though it is not extreme and it takes to the body well. I recommend seasoning this corset because it is very stiff when it arrives and may appear streamline and unattractive. Once it's broken in it will look even better and will cinch the waist accordingly.

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