Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NYC New York Color Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara and Big Bold Liquid EyeLiner REVIEW

So, recently I had been fortunate enough to be sent the Influenster NYC Big Bold VoxBox. I received these products to try out and review.

NYC Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara (856 extra black)

I like the formula. It's simple enough with a standard consistency. It is not runny, goopy, clumpy, sticky or heavy. It is not waterproof either so don't go getting emotional while wearing it.

I am a lover of the simple pleasures and I usually stick to basic wands and basic formulae that are very black and very waterproof. This mascara may not be either but the wand is badass and the formula coats the lashes without hassle the first time. You can definately build it up for added drama but I dout that will be necessary if you wriggle the wand through the lashes right the first time.

I do love this mascara quite a bit and I'm sure it's the wand that did it for me. I have pretty much boycot my other two mascaras in favor of this one because I love what it does to my lashes.

NYC Big Bold Liquid Eyeliner (990 extra black)

It's a felt tip liner...for me that alone was a turn off. I haven't exactly had a good history with felt tip formulas whether it be for the eyes or the lips.
This particular product however has a very nice formula that is very pigmented. In fact one swipe gives great pigmentation so there's no need to go over a dozen times.

The tip looks similar to that of a marker or highlighter. It has a point so you can achieve precise winged liner look with it but it may require a bit of practice.
The product releases just the right amount of product to prevent messy over drawn lines or blotches. You can apply with a light hand in layers building up the intensity since it doesn't dry quickly. You can also smudge it out. It is not waterproof so once it has set you can manipulate it for that smokey liner look.
I would not recommend messing with it or batting those angel lashes until it has had a chance to set because it will move and trust me it's not a good look.

It dries to a matte satin finish but if you would prefer that it was completely matte set it with a matte black eyeshadow, this will help it to wear longer as well.

See it in action -

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