Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Child's Future is Worth Every Sacrifice

What you do your child will be, who you are your child will do.

If you punish them explain to them why you are or have punished/spanked them so that they fully understand and dont feel abused.

Listen to them. Encourage them to express themselves, create, dream and invent themselves to be better and do better.

Progress is still progress no matter how small and children need to know that more than anyone else.

You teach a child by if you treat your wife with love and respect your daughters will never accept any thing less from any man. Your princess and princesses will grow up knowing they are queens. Your son will be men of honour and valour and be chivalrous because they saw their dad be that to their mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins and the old lady next door or the tired woman trying to get into a bus crowded and thronged by a selfish "society". He will know how to treat a woman and how to love his wife and provide for his children-a litte more than food and material possessions but also love, time, compassion and affection.

Woman, if you are respectful, loving and a supportive wife your daughter will learn honour and responsibility. In fewer words she will be a good woman and a virtuous wife. Your hard work and constant improvement of self debases the taste in her to seek out a "sugar daddy" but influences her to stand strong and take care of her family because whether she brings home the bread or stay at home with the children her toil is important to the development of "them". Your sons will never desire a vain, vapid, selfish conceited or manipulative woman because though his mother stunning she carried grace and humility always understanding the importance of hard work, all the while looking out for others and speakin with wisdom. He knows how he is to be treated by a woman if he finds her worthy and he will know that she is to be versed about more than just the art shopping but sensitive, sweet,  strong and enduring. She must be able to increase what her husband has provided.

Teach your children team work so that they can do more than add to the corrupt and selfish ideals of "humanity". So that they will be able to socialize and not stand as an island but love others and value others and treat others well.

They learn by seeing you do!

If you do nothing else...teach your children to pray. Prayer is communication at the highest level because you foster a relationship with Jesus Christ, God, Jehovah...they will learn reverence. You can't see God but you connect with Him when you speak with Him.

A child's future is worth every sacrifice. You are molding and shaping a decide how you want that generation to turn out...the side that wins is the side you feed.

Hatred is taught no human being is born a hater so teach them love by choosing to love and remember love is a doing word, an action not a fleeting thought or emotion. It isn't what you buy or the fact that you say "I love you" it's what you's always what you do.

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  1. Wonderful reflections on our God-given privilege of raising children, biological or not. All children are born of a woman, but a true parent recognizes any child's need for proper guidance. Seeking God's counsel and exercising that privilege fosters a child's genuine will to hearken and DO the will of God.

    The inverse is also true when parents choose to ignore the Divine Moral Compass. Observance begets imitation regardless of the consequences. It is imperative for all parents to understand that children CANNOT MEASURE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS, nor can they properly bear the consequences because their coping mechanisms remain underdeveloped until adulthood.

    As you so gracefully put it: children absorb everything through their senses thereby executing what they learned when they become adults!