Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jamaica Celebrates 53...So What?!

I actually don't care that Jamaica just turned 53. Jamaica is a class less country with poor leadership.

Photograph by Paul Anthony - professional photographer. 

Oh no where is your patriotism?! What da faq is that?!

Since her highness's rule there has been nothing but countless killings, robbing and joblessness. There is now a quandary list of conditions that you have to meet to get acess to free health education and food stamps-whoops there is no such thing as food stamps or government aid for the homeless, the orphan or the widow. Is that too philosophical or have I steered to biblical reflections.

You pay property and land tax but the street lights aren't being fixed and the roads have eroded to ditch-yes Obama only the roads you and your royalness drove on were made immaculate because we the citizens of Jamaica land she claims to love are not deemed worthy of street that have no patchwork like reforms or river bed erosion.

Jamaica is a white wash of pretense with an ever increasing populace who have no respect or regard for anything Jamaican. The Japanese have more respect for our culture than we do but alas that is not surprising because the Japs (can I call you that) hold their own culture and history to high esteme and are proud of what they have, who they are and where they own.

Jamaica is a watered down republication of rich heritage and diversity. Soup without stock and food pot without yam. The lies, the hypocrisy, the conspiracy mash up the roots and oneness whe di island use to have.

Polititians have no regard for each other and if you've been watching parliament or senate long enough there is no way you've missed that.

Our economy is not in crisis and if it is it is due to poor management or mismanagement of funds. Jamaica celebrates 53...ah joke yah mek missis! With water restrictions and taxes fi kill! Then is whe dem find money fi put on dem deh boasy sinting deh!

Police brutality...that's my final word on that because most are neither intelligent enough or copious enought so their very presence in the justice force is an assault!

These are the worst years I have seen under any governing body. I am poor, I dont have a steady income. I hustle for bread and butter that feeds my children. I have two-two boys both very young and very dependent on their ma and pa. I have never sought hand outs or help.

I use Word-ah-Mouth advertising (I tell everyone I am a makeup artist) and I get my clients that way or through social media. I am up for a 11am wedding from 3am and arrive on location at 6am because I take my grind seriously. Together my husband and I try to make two ends meet and they never do even with added jobs on the side.

The taxes I pay at the supermarket is worth more in food than the very grocery we buy (and we buy all local brands and products). The taxes my husband pays cuts his entire salary in half which leaves only enough to do one thing-pay our rent. Last year the government claimed for $20,000+ from my health insurance after I had baby at Jubilee Hospital which left us in dire straights because we were going to claim for that money to buy diapers and whatever else our baby would have needed. I thought health care at that was free but it cost me and the worst part is I was not treated well, the only persons that seemed to understand anything about patient care was my doctor, a senior nurse that worked along side him in the mornings, the paediatrician who looked after my baby before and after he was admitted to the NICU and a Senior nurse in the NICU who looked after the babies(Sister as they called). I was in for a week and trust me I was stressed, depressed and my blood pressure went up more and more each day.

So pardon my exuberance, pardon my obvious excitement. Her majesty is not doing well and I refuse to celebrate "doing less with more money" while I am over here trying to stretch a dollar ten ways.

Jamaica is an intricately woven web of lies and failure with people piggy backing off one another. Jamaica is one big barrel wid ah whole heap ah crab morass and stagnant wata...the perfect breathing grung fi maskitah or vampiah (which ever suits your vocabulary palette). Mi done!

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