Friday, August 14, 2015

10 Things to do When You Fail

Photographer - Paul Anthony (professional photographer). Model - Chevanne Smith (natural hair blogger / vlogger). 

[1] Acknowledge it. Failure doesn't mean denial, rejection or defeat. It means you've been delayed.

[2] Then accept it. Just because you failed at something doesn't mean that you're a failure.

[3] Learn from it. Decide whether or not it is a dream that you must let go of or something you can truly accomplish with smart work and perseverance.

[4] Grow from it. Failing is a part of the process. It teaches you different things that success can not. It reaveals your limits and forces you to dream outside the box.

[5] Take the opportunity to try again. There's nothing to fear besides fear itself which is crippling to any avenue of success.

[6] Try a different approach. A mad man is considered to be someone who fails at something and keeps doing it the same way. Keep in mind that it may not work and that you'll probably have to try again but use a different method, try a different route. Use alternate tools.

[7] Make a plan of action. A strategy. Flesh it out, put it in writing or draw a clear picture of what it is so you can see it not only in your head but in front of you. This will push you to keep going and it can also form a reference of ideas and ways you've already tried to serve as further inspiration to your goal.

[8] Understand that you cannot do it in one day. Know that progress is still progress no matter how small. If you need help ask for it and always (always always) commit your desires to God. You stand a better chance to accomplish great things when you involve The greater power.

[9] Decide on a realistic time frame. Give yourself and your plan sufficient time to work. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your dream unless you have a genie in a bottle locked up somewhere.

[10] Do it with diligence. Believe in your success and trust your gut (instincts).

It is the blessings of the LORD that maketh a man rich and adds no sorrow. (Proverbs 10:22 paraphrased)

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