Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to Prevent and Heal Relaxer Burn

The reality of chemically treated or processed hair is not only permanent change in the structure of the hair and curls but the occasional damage to the scalp.

Relaxer burn from my second salon visit. I never went back! 

There's no denying the truth but relaxed hair can be healthy hair, it just requires a lot more effort and care.

Once the hair comes out your scalp it is no longer living so your lengths are dead tresses that require moisture and oils to keep them looking good, healthy and shiney. The foods you eat can also influence how your hair grows out your scalp but it's unlikely that those nutrients will travel all the way to your ends though it is not impossible. Your body will decide on that one (and it might give priority to uhm I don't know-your organs, cells, muscles and bones). Which is why we use protein treatments and deep conditioners, why we don't over wash and try to prevent stripping the necessary oils from our hair and scalp.

Relaxers burn but they don't have to there are precautions you can take before you schedule your next relaxer.

First things first, if you start to feel a burn do not ignore it and do not put Vaseline on it to lessen the blow. Mass produced Aloe Vera gel will not help either because these products most times than not contain alcohol. WASH IT OUT. Wash it out, if you go to a salon to get your relaxer done make them wash it out if it starts to burn. If you do it at home wash it out. You can't grow healthy hair if your scalp is damaged or even worst constantly being scarred.

Next, never get a relaxer if you have been scratching at your scalp, your head will heat up quicker than a summer day in July. WAIT IT OUT. Keep your hair clean to minimize the itch and do not use products that irritate the scalp.

Third, if you insist on getting a touch up use olive oil or argan oil on your scalp and around your hair line or a product that contains petroleum oil or mineral oil as their primary ingredient. These oils while they lock moisture in they act as a barrier so nothing gets in and nothing gets out. So, LAY IT ON THICK but avoid putting it on your hair. You can also pile it on your ends to prevent over processing.

I now relax my hair at home. 

Finally, if you are one of those stubborn folks who would rather burn to death in the salon chair than wash out the relaxer at the first sizzle you will be needing a huge bottle of emu oil because when you're scalp/skin gets a relaxer burn it's like 3rd degree lacerations . It stings like a mother and you can't comb or brush the areas until they heal completely. So, LAY IT ON HEAVY every night to promote steady but rapid healing.

Have you ever been burned by your relaxer?  What did you do?

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  1. Oh yes! Me get bun nuff time. To the point where it contributed to my balding (it's heredity). I have alopecia but I'm recovering since being natural. I used to love soft and beautiful though it was great for my hair. You looketh awesome!