Monday, November 9, 2015

7 Things You Should Know Before You Get A Relaxer

Whether you've been natural for two years or ten there are a few things you must understand and be clear about before you get your hair hooked on that creamy crack.

1. Why do you want to get a relaxer? If you've been natural all your life you must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the road you want to take.
If you've been in transition and have grown long natural tresses for more than seven years you must be clear on your decision to go back to the relaxers and texturizers (which by the way is the same thing, it's just a matter of application techniques and the amount of time alloted to processing).

2. Your natural hair is beautiful no matter the texture or curl pattern. It is also easier to care for though it might be a pain to comb and style.
The idea that relaxed hair is easy is a myth because relaxed Hair demands intricate care to look healthy and stay straight.
You have to protein treat and silk wrap. You can't go swimming without the right swim cap and you have to, have to, have to avoid styling/manipulating your hair when it's wet and yet I would recommend that you roller set after every wash.

3. If you have very thick coarse hair and you find it tedious to manipulate or style then a relaxer or texlax might sound like a good idea because it's quite easy to style relaxed hair but you still have to protect your ends and sleep in a silk bonnet or on a satin pillow case.
In essence it's the same but natural hair can tolerate manipulation even when wet and some might find it easier to style their natural hair when wet but it's the opposite for relaxed hair.

4. Know your texture ie. your hair type this will determine the strength of the relaxer to be used. If your hair is thin I would advise against getting a relaxer. If your hair is brittle I would not recommend chemical treatment and if your hair is damaged and weak I would suggest addressing those issues beforehand. Relaxing one's hair is the process of chemically altering the genetic structure/curl pattern/texture of one's hair. It is a task that comes with great responsibility.

5. Relaxer burns, so if you have sensitive skin/scalp or scratch or even comb your hair too tight you will get burnt and it's enough to prevent you from ever wanting to relax again. Which leads me to my next point-

6. Get it done by a professional. Your friend who knows how to do her own hair is not a licensed hair stylist. It's going to cost money to get it done by a real hair stylist but WHAT IS YOUR HAIR WORTH?!

7. It's always good to keep in mind that it's just hair albeit once you relax you can't go back unless you cut it all off. It'll grow back. It'll grow even better if you don't manipulate it by constantly combing or styling it.

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