Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It's no secret that I love a good highlight. If you watch my YouTube videos then you know I love to glow.

I thought these were quite a steal since they were $5.99 a piece. That's bang for your buck considering how big these are.

Carnival in Rio (top left), Hollywood Blvd (top right), Rose Golden Goddess (bottom left), Rose Champaign Glow (bottom right). 

Rose Champaign Glow - is primarily a pink pearlescent shimmer that I think is quite flattering on most skin tones but can become ashy very quickly on dark skin or deeper skin tones. It's a very natural sorta glow from within highlight but you can build it up for an intense highlight. I like to pair it with Rose Golden Goddess for comfort.

Rose Golden Goddess - is a bronze metallic shimmer so if you are porcelain, light or fair skin this will be very noticeable on you and might be better used as blush or atop blusher. I like this one paired with Rose Champaign Glow because I feel like by itself it doesn't really give me the glow life impact.

Rose Champaign Glow, Hollywood Blvd, Rose Golden Goddess, Carnival in Rio. 

These two were shattered when I received them and I repressed them so the texture and tones may have warped a bit.

(top to bottom) Carnival in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess, Hollywood Blvd, Rose Champaign Glow. 

Hollywood Blvd - is a stunning gold reflective shimmer with pink and brown tones.  The veining of which is quite pretty. I feel like this is more suited to medium skin tones and can be exquisite when applied with a light hand to lighter and dark skin. It is a yellow gold so it can get ashy on deeper skin very fast. I prefer to go on top of this with Carnival in Rio as it makes it more suitable for my brown skin.

Carnival in Rio - this is a brown bronze unlike rose golden goddess which is a rose gold bronze. This is the most flattering on dark to deeper skin and gives a sun kissed glow.

These pick up very nicely on a brush, goes on smooth and blends very well as opposed to the first two that I had to repress that require a bit more effort to apply and blend evenly.

Overall, I think these are pretty good for the price even if the packaging sucks. I wouldn't recommend traveling with these because the cheap plastic insert that the marbelized highlighters are mounted on is not designed to hold up against a tumble. They sorta remind me of the MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes, but with far inferior packaging.

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