Friday, November 13, 2015


Sex is more than just a physical encounter but a spiritual turn over of yourself to someone else.

That word devour has real imagined power that another can use to gain ties to your emotion.
When you say you surrender to the magic that is rendered you give up your free will to not think about...ahem.
Everyone tells you not to get pregnant but they ignore the tragedy of being filled with need, to gratify that poignant yearning because someone else is in your head, because he crawled up inside you and made babies with your desires. He filled you with himself and you get lost in the lies you tell yourself to avoid feeling used, misused or abandoned.
Everyone tells you: protect yourself with a condom, don't get an STI or HIV or AIDS, but make light of the disease that infects your soul when you let a man (who is not your betrothed) up in side you. They forget to inform you of the sleepless nights or the crying as you pick at your brain trying to find out what was wrong with you-becoming insecure, believing you're not worth anything when really, he was unworthy of you.

Sex is not just physical for a woman. Your vagina is not an extension of you, it is within you. Think about that before you let any and any man up inside you.

If he wants it, he wants it forever and you'll know when he values it...and by "it" I mean all of you.

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