Friday, January 1, 2016

Just A Resolve...

I'm starting this year toxic. I have put so much shit in my body that I have actually been feeling sick.

Whilst there was little I could do about my physical ill health I did resolve that my mind and soul would not be on par with my body.
I decided that this year would be beyond my wildest dreams because I would start it with Jehovah, God, Jesus or whatever name you call "the most high" "alpha and omega" "King of kings" or "Lord of everything". If this offends you I recommend you unsubscribe, unfollow and whatever else you social media trolls do in the dark corners of your room at your computer.
No doubt that some of you will think that I am mean but trust that I can be meaner so respect my little viral SPACE in the intersphere "NO TROLLING HERE" or on my channel, twitter, instagram and facebook pages.
On that note, I have deleted my Facebook page as I really didn't have much use for it, in the event that I need one I will recreate it.

I have become quite content in being myself, exactly as I was created and named. I don't care to hide behind a reconstruct of what I think I am supposed to be because you aren't happy with who you were made to be. Who you think I am doesn't matter because I know who I am.
I am a beauty blogger and I am addicted to makeup (specifically lipstick and highlighter) but I cannot afford to be a beauty junkie because I have two young boys, big dreams and a freelance job doing makeup artistry in Jamaica which means I am in an over populated industry where everyone and they moma is a makeup artist.
I am resolved to cut spending on anything and everything that me and my family don't need so makeup purchases will be very few and equally rare. In recent times I have had the privilege and pleasure of trying high end makeup and I would like to continue to use higher ends in conjunction with the products I already love from the drugstore and as such I will refrain from buying makeup until I can afford to buy that which I like because honestly even drugstore is expensive for me.
I have resolved that this year saving money is imperative to the financial sustainability of my family. I have worked out a plan so that this does not get over looked. If you and your family struggle to make ends meet then you know what I mean.
I am resolved to be who I am, exactly as I am and ignore everything and everyone that is opposed to that. Go be unhappy with yourself some place else.
I know what I want and I will get it and I'll follow my own path to succeed, not John, Jim or Jacinda. I do not want to be the next anything. I just want to be Tiffony Johnson-Richards. That's my title, that's my biography, that's my progress. This is the pivotal point of my journey to self love and acceptance.

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