Friday, July 1, 2016

Absolute Abandon | Alcohol, Sex, Depression...Certain Death

Though December was less than perfect. January proved to be just as rocky as the months that followed.

I must admit that my illicit activities and actions during the holiday may have sparked a new romance between me and the hubster. I drank a little more than I would usually, considering I would never drink at all. I was intoxicated with that beautiful spirit and I, well we had a little too much fun.

I fell ill late December and only seemed to get worst as the new year rolled in. I eventually saw a doctor who did her best to treat my severe sinus, stomach aches and chest pains. I was also told that I was clinically obese and needed to loose weigh in order to regain proper health. I still grew worst and nothing seemed to help. I was soon hooked up to cables and wires and it was found that the left side of my heart was significantly enlarged. The news hit me so hard that the months of depression I faced earlier in the year which lead me to contemplate suicide seemed like a falsetto of a distant tune.

I now wanted to live more than I ever did before.

It had seemed like tragedy stuck my family, my life was now dependent upon my heart's decision to tap out or continue to beat as it had for the past 27 years. I was scared but not allowed to panic because that would seemingly make things worst.

I decided to get my life back.

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