Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Table Turn | Lies, Rumors...A Tragic End...

The call for the interview seemed like it took forever and I relied on God to direct me towards the one that he wanted for me. In truth I had turned down the company who called me for an interview twice and somehow they called a third time and this to me seemed like fate telling me this was it. I imagined God reassuring me that this was the path He had chosen for me and all I had to do was step out in faith and that is exactly what I did.

2015 had not ended on a bad note and even my artistry did very well during that season, the bookings came, money was made and I was able to help support my family. 2016 however brought on a new era of worry and anxiety that was very unexpected and I had no "gigs" lined up. I stressed over the boys and their needs and neglected myself in the process. It's a mother's duty to take care of her children, to fight for them, to provide for them, to make sure they are clean, fed and keep them happy especially when they are young and fragile. Not that my children are fragile by any means-sometimes I think they are stronger than me and definately more resilient!

The day of the interview came and I had cut off my hair sometime before that. I felt fat and ugly and to add to that I had nothing to wear. It had been so long since I purchased a piece of clothing or anything else that was geared towards the church or the office. In makeup artistry life is simple you wear all black and it most often times is very casual or geared to reflect your own personal style. I was familiar with the requirement of an office dress code and wanted to dress to reflect that I could fit in but I couldn't do that because I had nothing to wear that looked decent enough to me.

I didn't let that stop me though.

I wore hand me downs and I put on my wig and I made sure I took my confidence with me or as much of it as I could muster up that day. It wasn't so much of an interview as it was an extended assessment or evaluation considering you had to do something even more extensive during the initial application process. I was annoyed but I made the best of it. I finished excellently and was very positive about my prospects with the company. Sure enough I was called for a second interview which thankfully was an actual interview with three different persons from the recruitment team.

It was a long day.

I missed the bus that they said was to take me to the location (or so I thought) and the two hundred dollars I had to my name became seventy five dollars so I was in a far place with no way of getting back home. I wasn't aware that it was an all day event so I was stranded and hungry. I thought about why I was there and my boys came before my eyes and somehow the hunger dissipated and I drank my water and went back inside.

God was with me. As many persons as I had made friends with there was this one girl who took a liking to me and she asked me to follow her to the cafeteria, when I refused she said "Come on man, I will buy you whatever you want." She was young and sweet and awfully quiet so I knew she was sincere. At the beginning of my second interview I told the recruiter of my concerns about missing the bus considering I had no money to get home and she said "The bus can't leave you, so don't worry about it." She had so much confidence in me and told me I was the ideal candidate for the account she was interviewing for that I could not help but praise God aloud. She gave me $1000 to take passport size photographs and told me that she knew I was going to get the job.

God was good. God is good.

I was to arrive the next day for the final interview after which my orientation would begin. I completed the rigorous process successfully and I got the job. I was sent my on-boarding email with instructions and details as to the nature of the account I was selected for and the base pay I stood to earn after training which was to begin on Monday. I had one day left to come in so that we could do the background check and then tragedy struck...

A rumor started late Thursday evening and I was the subject.

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