Monday, July 4, 2016

The Table Turn | Lies, Rumors...A Tragic End...

I was impaled by illness but I had done it. I had gotten the job and no one could act like they had done me any favors. God's love loomed over me and I was happy. I read the "Congratulations"  email over and over again "Welcome to the team." was the most surreal part to me. After two months of assessments, interviews, an extended orientation I had landed a job that I was all too excited to do.

I could feel the strange looks the moment I entered the building but I didn't think much of it. I was thankful that I had come to the turning point in my life-things were sure to get better now! I recalled Thursday evening with vagueness because their suspicions couldn't be real even if they were possible.

I was called into one office after another.

"This is a touchy subject, but we have to ask..." the words echoed like thunder on a stormy night.

I took a deep breath and braced myself and then the slurry of questions came. Questions I couldn't definitively answer because in my estimation there was no proof, even if it could be possible.

It was very possible but improbable.

And that's what I told them. I had never had my body and personal life put under such scrutiny. I had to discuss details that was off the table for everyone except my husband. Then I was called into another recruiter and told I would have to do a test to prove or disprove the suspicions.

I was eager to comply but I already felt the job slipping like hot sand through my fingers. I cried like a choking cat asking God why this was happening to me.

I thought unspeakable things. Said unfathomable things.

I went to the lab they sent me. I did the test. It came back positive and the company rescinded their offer of employment.

I wept.

Nieka comforted me. I almost felt as if she was crying with me but what I knew for sure was that she loved me and that helped me to bounce back even more quickly.

I decided to send out much more jobs applications and I also decided to take legal action against the company because what they did was against the law.

That didn't do anything. No matter how many letters I wrote or how many legal agencies I contacted no one seemed to care about the simplicity of the issue.
I on the other hand felt heart broken and defeated. It was as if the very oxygen had been knocked out of my chest. Every dream began to shatter again. Every hope of ever seeing my family out of the run down house that we lived in evaporated like the mist of a cold dark night. The vision of not just scraping by gone swiftly. I had slowly begun to sink into an emotional coma. I didn't want to feel anything anymore. I didn't care.

I was cast down. I felt forsaken.

I decided to let it go.

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