Saturday, August 6, 2016


It's probably true that anyone can apply makeup, even you can do it! You could always watch a few youtube videos or follow a few pictorials on blogs, pinterest, snapchat or even instagram. It's totally doable, but if you want to look amazing and have photos reminiscent of that perfect princess wedding dream, I say get out your checkbook and hire a real professional makeup artist.

1. Your makeup artist is just as important as your photographer, videographer and wedding venue. 

You want the best! You want someone with experience who knows what they are doing someone you can trust to capture and create exactly what you desire.
You would never dare skimp on your hair and dress so why go the cheap route when accessing a makeup artist.
You are totally worth it so get a professional makeup artist-who will be knowledgeable about applying makeup for photography since those pictures will last a lifetime and you will have to look at them for the rest of your life.

2. It'll cost you more to do it yourself. 

Quality products cost money and so does the tools with which you use to apply said products.
You don't want to just pick up eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations and powders that may be poorly formulated but you want the good stuff that will work beautifully for your skin tone and type.
Just because it's raved about on youtube doesn't mean it will work for you.
With the impact of the beauty industry quality makeup and even mid-end and drugstore tends to be a bit pricey and foundation and powder alone can run you well into the six figure digits and you will need to get some professional makeup lessons to go with all the stuff you just bought-tools and products you may never use ever again.
You can always settle with ebay makeup or even get the fakes from places like Ali Express but I am certain you don't want to end up with an allergic reaction or hives before you strut your stuff down the isle. You don't know half of what they put in that stuff anyways!

3. A professional makeup artist is trained and practiced and will be able to apply makeup according to your face shape, structure and skin care needs. 

He or she will be able to identify and play up those features that fascinate and bring all the attention you need to your face.
You will not look like Kim K but people will definately notice and be amazed at how different and strikingly beautiful you are.
Your makeup artist knows exactly what you need after that first consultation. She/he will understand the dynamics of your face and skin and what it needs to look and be at it's best on your special day.

4. You get what you pay for. 

I know how attractive cheap makeup rates can look especially if you're on a budget but if an artist is priced too low you should be very weary of what you are getting. There is a significant possibility that the artist may not have the training required and is lacking in experience. The makeup artist you choose must have a portfolio and a good reputation with reviews to back it so that you are not left stranded with no makeup or poorly applied makeup on your wedding day. A professional makeup artist will give you a flawless makeup application that lasts throughout your entire nuptials and hold up well into the kissing, hugging and dancing of your reception.

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