Thursday, August 4, 2016

Confessions of A Makeup Artist

I took my husband to work with me a month ago, I had two clients and I was so pregnant I was waddling. He wanted to come and I felt like I needed him to be with me at this point because I might need the help.

When we returned home he said to me "I didn't know it was that hard."

I smirked because I was thankful that he actually saw just how much work I put into my artistry and that it was more than just frills and fluff but dutiful time consuming work.

"You're really good at what you do." He continued "I can only imagine how tired you must be when you do an entire bridal party!"

“Yes, it’s back breaking work.” I concluded.

You stand on your feet and you bend over-if you don't own the director chair or your client doesn't own a bar stool or high chair. You do everything to make your client comfortable and satisfied especially when she's seven months pregnant.

I have been given a lot of grief about being a makeup artist and people often feel that it is not dignified work. That somehow it makes you lower than them or incapable. I am not a makeup artist because I am dunce. I actually did very well in school both at the tertiary and university level and fact is I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. It’s an honest living and I work my butt off and that helps my household. I have had great seasons and slow seasons but entrepreneurship is hard.

I am not your run of the mill makeup artist and I am not an instagram artist or youtube beauty guru. I am the real deal. I take pride in my craft. I take time to learn about the industry and make sure I keep abreast of new trends and techniques.
I am certified and licensed so you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth in skill, application and technique.
The truth about makeup artistry is that you never stop learning and even though technically there are no rules to makeup there are still guidelines especially in bridal and beauty makeup.

There are people who want to stiff you and short change you because they feel you’re too expensive but fact is if they could do what I do their photos wouldn’t turn out the way they do on their wedding day. I will never discourage a DIY bride who feels capable enough to apply her own makeup or someone who books a cheaper makeup artist but one thing is sure you will notice the difference in your photos and videos and that is why it is important to book a professional.

A photographer may be able to fix bad skin but he / she cannot fix bad makeup.

I have years of training and practice under my belt and with the new products and technology that is ever increasing the training never ends.

You can communicate your desires to me and I will give you exactly what you need.

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