Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dear "Mel"

So you're the culprit. You're the coward who felt it was okay to use someone else's facebook account to spew your lewdness and I use that term loosely.

You are miss self righteous, miss holy, miss act like your higher and better than others. Oh yes "Mel" hunny I see you. You are one of them who used to talk to me and then all of a sudden didn't. I searched deep trying to figure out why but I just decided to let it go.

Allow me to speak frankly (if that's okay since this is my blog and all). I don't care what you think or what you've been told. As for your thoughts on my airing things in social media I have only one thing to say: Get over yourselves, my life or that of my children does not revolve around "mommy and daddy".

Just as you are allowed to speak your mind "Mel" sweetheart so too I am free to speak mine but don't you dare come on my page to express or defend what you think you know. This is not your forum, it is mine. Put your idiosyncrasies on your own time line.

There's nothing to iron out or discuss. This isn't a government issue or political debate. They had their chance and I wasn't allowed to speak. I don't care who is hurting now. I have written extensively. I have spoken about matters trivial to me and my existence. I am sorry to disappoint all of you but this isn't about you. None of you warrant that much importance to my life's experience.

I have nothing to gain by lying and my writings and statement still stands. Who do you think you are anyways? Are you mad because I put the truth out there for all to see or that the credibility of your beloved has been tarnished? I didn't call any of you to my blog or my page. We are not friends-not in real life or on facebook!

What makes you an authority on how Christians deal with things or behave when you "Mel" sweetheart stopped talking to me so long ago based on hearsay and one sided allegations. You had the nerve to talk about telling both sides of the story as if you were there, as if you were the one who lived it! What you know is what they tell you and think you have the right to pass judgements.

You hypocrite! Did you ask me my side of the so called story before you stopped talking to me or began looking at me in church as if I was painted with shit!

Listen good, I don't care about public image. I am not a facade. I will answer to God for my sins and so will all of you.

None of you will intimidate me! Got that!

P. S. The dear "Pat" was meant for you. Yes miss goody two shoes. If you felt that passionate about what I wrote you should have sought me out. You should have messaged me.

You all want to now play the victims huh?!

Watch me cripple your objectives like undeveloped theories formulated by fools.

You people walk around with your noses upturned thinking you're some kind of special. What you think of yourself?

I don't care who wants to be hurting. The truth hurts and that I have seemingly told it to the world hurts even more doesn't it. They mistreated me then spread lies and half truths and people at the church and within the family had horrible things to say about me and I kept quiet. I shut my mouth and I tried to forget, I tried to be a part of a family that didn't want me.

I will no longer sit quiet. It was all water under the bridge but you my darling "Mel" have decided to stir things up. I don't fear any of you. I am not worried about facing any of you either. I am a big girl, quite literally!

In the next event call me, not Kevin. I got your answers suga. I've got all the goods.

Like I said "You are like stale salt released in the atmosphere, polluting everywhere, killing everything." Honey that's a metaphor just in case you don't understand it. In other words love you're a rumor, nothing but tragic gossip.

If "mommy" was hurting up about my post on my blog she should have called me and expressed her hurt instead of involving all the judgemental creations of the church who seem to be grappling with their identity and sense of self,  unaware of who their actual parents are.

The bits and pieces of my blog post that are about "mommy and daddy" is too insufficient to leave a lasting impression on anyone. I don't have the time or energy to waste on all this banter and balderdash. What's done is done. I have made peace with my all should try moving on too.

I was hurting and I got over it.

I stay focusing now on all that is important and none of those things include you or your thoughts "Mel".

I know who I am. I also know who my parents are and about that there is no confusion. I have never pretended to be something that I am not. My only problem was trying to fit in where I obviously did not belong.

I will speak my mind freely from now on thank you very much, just as "they"  all did in past, present and future.

I don't want to harbour any negative energies.

Life's too short mi love and stress nuh good for the baby.

Oh and tell "mommy" to answer her phone because Kevin has been calling her for decades now.

In the words of Elsa from the Disney movie "Frozen"... Let it go, let it go!

P. S. To everyone who has felt the sudden urge to follow me on facebook because you've heard something or have a sudden interest about what I post on my page they have a name for you "stalker".

It changes nothing though. I will write what I want to write and share what I want to share and I am not taking any of my posts down to suit any one of you, so, in light of that fact Happy reading!

If I sound defensive it's because I am. I'm not sparing anyone this time.

As for my Christianity, don't worry about it, God and I tight.

I have allowed people to walk all over me long enough.

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