Monday, August 1, 2016

Dear "Pat"

There will always be those who believe they know more. I find it interesting to know that someone who I have never spoken to, someone who has never spoken to me despite seeing them so often think they have some knowledge of who I am or the circumstances surrounding my life's affairs.

 We are not friends so don't address me as "Tiff" or attempt to remind me of anything.

You comment to cause distress or stir up trouble where there is none. You probably think because you know them it validates your opinion. You might be a part of the fan club so sucking up and kissing arse is important. I don't fault you in this because I used to do it too. This is not a commentary or community for you to look onto and preach into.
I have made my peace with the past and what happened is just that. I didn't see anyone coming to me and asking me what had happened but yet I was told I was so many horrible things by fans and groupies without an identity clinging to a fellowship that doesn't exist.

I remember attending church and so many of you would turn up your noses at me and some of you who used to talk to me stopped talking to me and for years I wondered why but thanks to you I now know why-"you know the truth about me, you know the other side, you know the lies..."

Listen carefully, I was afraid before but I am not afraid now.

I'm not sure what exactly has made me brave, but I have always told the truth and that my dear "Pat"  will never change.

In a perfect world you are accepted by everyone, loved by everyone but this world is far from perfect and we are not perfect persons...neither is "mommy and daddy".

God knows everything, you know nothing.

You have the gossip, the rumors and the receipts and best believe I have heard it all.

I am not her (this is a pun if you're as smart enough to understand it)  to convince anyone or sway the world with my tortured youth but if you believe I will sit quiet when you come for me please reconsider my writings in retrospect.

I will not spare you.

I don't care what position you hold, whose wife you are, who you know or the fact that you are "holier than thou". Next time you want to play counselor "Pat" send me a private message don't put your nonsense on my page and then talk about airing things in social media.

You don't matter because you weren't there! If even you were,  nothing would change.

Everything you've heard about me, discard it, I am much worse. If you have anything else to say ask "them" where I live and come for me again.

More Coming Soon! 

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