Wednesday, August 3, 2016


When I purchased these which was more than a summer ago there was no talk about them. This does not surprise me since Jordana is not usually a hyped up brand.

08-Golden Olive, 09-Golden Caramel, 10-Toffee, 11-Golden Toffee, 12-Mahogany

These are primarily drugstore foundations/concealers but you can find them in wholesales and department stores in Jamaica and they usually go for about $500 - $800 JM depending on where you purchase them. The wholesales generally only carry shades 08 - 12 with twelve being the deepest shade.

You can find lighter shades in Pharmacies but I have never inquired about them.

I like these foundations  and the price I paid for them makes them even more attractive especially if you want to get more than one shade. I paid $480 JM for each of these last year at the "Purple Shop" wholesale in Clock Tower Plaza.

I have five shades that I love personally as well as for mixing with other more creamy foundations in my kit. The formula is quite light on the skin and it isn't oily or greasy. It does have some degree of hydration when applied but it not a dewy foundation nor does it leave you with a matte finish.

The wear time is pretty average (but can be extended if you set with a powder and use a primer underneath) and it is not completely full coverage even though it allows for build-able coverage. You can increase the wear time by using a foundation or setting powder on top-something you would need to do anyway if you live in the hot tropics or desire to wear this foundation during the summer months.

08-Golden Olive, 09-Golden Caramel, 10-Toffee, 11-Golden Toffee, 12-Mahogany

I do wish that there were more in-between shades as the deeper shades tend to be a tad orange or red in undertone. I hope these 2-in-1 foundations are a permanent part of the Jordana Cosmetics line because they have really good pigmentation and give a beautiful finish to the skin.

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