Sunday, September 4, 2016

Waiting Game...

I have always gone to a private doctor for health care during my pregnancies and I can honestly say some doctors are just better than others.

There are doctors who love what they do and know exactly how to give excellent patient care. Then there are others who just do it to make money!

I feel like being a doctor is answering higher calling than any other career. I tend to put a lot of respect on the title and I wouldn't expect anything less of them that practice the profession.

With Ayden I was seeing a doctor at the Portmore Health Complex. I don't feel like the care was exceptional so I won't bother to mention a name. I was referred to Jubilee Maternity Clinic at about 36 weeks with Ayden by the doctor I was seeing but I didn't end up going until I was about 38 weeks and a few days.

That experience some five years ago at the clinic was not a bad one despite the hours of wait I had to endure and you know that wait is necessary when you go to a free public health care facility. I was assessed by a very nice doctor on a clean bed with paper spread out on it. After stretching and sweeping the cervix he told me I would likely have baby that weekend.

I did have baby that weekend and I didn't have to go back to the clinic.

With Aaron the doctor I was seeing throughout the first and second trimester of pregnancy was lacking so I later saw a new health care provider who went above and beyond my expectations and though she was a bit pricey she was worth every cent. Her name is Dr. Judith Dallas and I recommend her 100% because you can just tell a good OBGYN when you meet one!

She didn't send me down to Jubilee Maternity Clinic at all but on the day that was my last visit I was in active labour and she wrote me a letter to go to Jubilee Maternity Hospital to deliver Aaron.

I was very happy with the level of care I received from Dr. Dallas week after week. I even wanted to go back to her when I found out I was pregnant this year.

I opted for a private doctor that I had known very well for a very long time because she was far more affordable. At 33 weeks she wrote me a referral to go down to the Jubilee Maternity clinic. I didn't think much of it because I figured it would save us some money and because I was high risk with severe anemia and high blood pressure it was the best thing for me to do. I didn't end up going down for booking until last week when I was 37 weeks and five days pregnant and booking was a simple enough process and was not stressful at all.

Anxiety set in when I was told to come back Wednesday at 7am because the doctor wanted to see me. I figured it was because of the high blood pressure, the anemia or the extremely swollen feet.

I went back and wasted a whole day just so a doctor could be totally evasive, refuse to make eye contact, scold me about information that was not given and act like I was a dunce and an animal.

He told me to spread out my towel on the bed and lay down but I didn't have one nor did I know I was to take one.

I hadn't done that five years ago when I booked with Ayden.

"Did you expect to come here and lay in the same bed that everyone has been laying in?" He asked with much malice in his tone.

"No," I answered "but when I go to the doctor they normally roll out a paper on the bed for me to lay on before examining me."

"You pay for that right!" His tone was self righteous now "That's the problem with this whole free health care the Gov..." and his voice trailed off as he walked out of the cubicle.

He did not examine me and he told me nothing except that I needed to repeat my CBC test and get my blood donors.

I felt annoyed,  but I felt sad even more. I was in tears as I made my long trek through the gates. I grew depressed as I walked in the hot sun down to parade and as I sat on the JUTC bus I became weepy and emotional.

I soon started crying and the tears wouldn't stop until Saturday when I went to see Dr. Adrian Mitchell who was a total riot and eased my fears with his excellent patient care and sense of humor.

I have heard quite a bit about his mom Dr. Sharmaine Mitchell and it seems the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because he is an exceptional OBGYN as well and I recommend him 100% and that too after only one treatment or visit.

I was cracking up the whole time and I know he did that to make me comfortable and ease my fears and I was confident now that everything was going to be just fine.

Even throughout the stretch and sweep of the cervix which is most uncomfortable and a bit more painful. It is done to get things going...he explained everything that he was doing and the terms he used. He checked baby and listened to her heartbeat and that is doctoring!

He also told me to keep my appointment with the clinic and do what they have asked regarding repeating the test and also getting my blood donors so he was respectful of their policies despite the horror stories he's heard.

I owe this entire turn of events to a really great friend Senu. She changed my entire weekend and showed me such love and kindness that I can say honestly only about two other persons has shown me in my whole life and that is Aunty Joan and Uncle Berley Adair Senior. I will never forget Saturday for as long as I live!

Baby A has not given me any reason to believe that she's ready to leave utero. Up until my visit with Dr. Adrian Mitchell I hadn't had a contraction per se. I have had several since yesterday despite their irregularity.

I am waiting patiently or maybe I am lying to myself. I would rather be over and done with this pregnancy and it's getting more and more difficult now that I am almost at 39 weeks.

I wish she would just come already.

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